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Native Plants for a Bright Tomorrow

Bloom! California is a statewide campaign, led by the California Native Plant Society, to increase use of native plants.

Plant of the Month

Fern Bush

Chamaebatiaria millefollium

This drought tolerant shrub has a fairly uniform shape that is 3.5 – 5 feet tall and wide. The densely branched shrub features a profusion of small white flowers that are great food source for pollinators. Fern bush starts blooming in midsummer and is a great choice to brighten up your yard after other shrubs and trees have finished blooming for the season. In winter, attractive bronze seed heads feed hungry birds during the colder months. In those mild to moderate winter climates, the foliage is semi-evergreen.

Staff Picks

Gambel Oak

Quercus gambelii

A tall deciduous shrub or small tree. Usually under 30 ft tall. Commonly a multi-stem or clump of small trees but can be trained into a single trunk in a landscaped environment. Oaks are often over looked because they are “slow growing”. A happy oak can grow 2 – 3 feet a year. When compared to maples, oaks are more tolerant of drought and alkaline soils. They also have beautiful fall colors.

Click here for more info about Oaks

Apricot mallow

Sphaeralcea ambigua

A perennial shrub native to parts of California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. It grows well in alkaline soil, both sandy or clay, usually in the company of creosote bush scrub and desert habitats. Apricot mallow grows to 3 feet in height, and spreads to 2-4 feet in width. The leaves are fuzzy with white hairs on both sides, lobed, veined, and on long stems, the number of which increase with age. Native to the high desert, you will see them along the highways after a spring rain. The flowers are apricot to dark orange red in color, and bloom in the spring.

Texas sage or Autumn sage

Salvia gregii

A mounding shrub normally 2-3 ft. tall, with small green leaves that are evergreen in warmer climates. The flowers can be red, pink, purple, orange, or white. A popular landscape plant in the West and Southwest, it is used as a small, ornamental, flowering shrub in a perennial bed or as a low hedge. The most common color of its blossoms is red and they are sure to draw hummingbirds. It is disease and insect free and drought tolerant, and once established, should not need to be fertilized.

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