We will be offering learning workshops this summer.

Workshop schedule


Due to staffing and scheduling we have to cancel all workshops until further notice

Keep an eye on the schedule here or on Facebook. Weather may force changes.


4th – Bareroot trees for sale

18th – Bareroot tree workshop at 11:00am
We will be covering everything for bareroot fruit trees: selecting fruit verities, tree selection, planting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, staking. All for the first year you have your tree, and beyond.

18th – Rose Pruning workshop at 1:00pm
All the when, where and how of rose pruning and care.


*Date Change*

8th - Seed starting workshop at 11:00am
We will talk about which plants are best to start from seed, when to start, soil selection and all the trials and tribulations of caring for your new seedlings.


*Date Change*

We apologize for all the date changing. Due to weather all our inventory delivery dates have been fluctuating.

22nd – Spring pruning and fertilizing workshop at 11:00am
Which plants prefer to be pruned in the spring and when and what to fertile with to give your plants the best start going into the next season.


13th - Garden Planning workshop; layout, plant selection, planting, & watering
Anything and everything about starting a garden. Flowers and veggies. What works, what doesn't. Bring your learned experiences to share.

17th – Planting annual flowers workshop
You bring your flower pot and we will supply all the soil and knowhow. We will have a fresh batch of annual flowers for you to shop from.



10th – Garden Pest Control
Just in time for the bugs to start eating your plants!
What works in controlling their damage and populations in your garden


8th - Planting for drought workshop; mulching, plant selection & xeriscaping
We will cover how and what to plant for the hot summers in our area. What plants survive on less water and how to get the most out of the water you irrigate with.


12th – Native plants workshop
Come learn about our local plants and how to add them to your garden. Better yet! plan an entire native plant garden.


9th – Systemic treatments & fall fertilizing workshop
Lets talk about what "bugged" you all season. Is systemic treatments right for you and your garden? How, what, were and when to get in that last fall feeding to help your plants through the dormant season.

22nd – Japanese maple trimming and care workshop
If you have some of these lovely little trees come in and lets see what works, what doesn't and how to get the best out of these little maples.


21st – Bulbs work shop, flowers, onions, garlic & cold weather veggies
Planting, feeding, dividing


11th - Tree pruning and fall cleanup
What to take, and what to leaf!
How to take care of trees and wood shrubs going into winter.

24th – Fresh cut Christmas trees on sale

We plant what we sell.

You can now hire us to plant what you have bought from us. If you are interested in having us plant for you, please contact us about pricing.  

Give us a call with any questions, or better yet, come out and see what we have to offer.


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